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Google Penalty Recovery Service

Have you seen a sudden and substantial drop in website traffic, perhaps even struggling to find your website on Google.

It’s possible that your website has suffered a Google penalty, which could effectively remove your entire website from the search engine.

While it’s usually made clear by email and notification in Google Search Console, it can be difficult to confirm if you don’t currently have Search Console access from your website.

google penalty recovery services

Types of Google Penalties

There are numerous ‘black hat‘ SEO practices that can result in a Google penalty, or Manual Action. Let’s take a look at the main penalties below:

Third-Party Spam Abuse

A large portion of your website that is being abused by third-party spam. It violates Google’s Webmaster Guidelines and is of no use or value to your website or the web in general. 

It suggests that the site is primarily promoting irrelevant spam content, rather than the topic of the website. 

User-Generated Spam

Spam generated by users of your website. For example, user profiles and forum posts or discussions. 

Spammy Hosting Provider

A significant volume of sites hosted on your free or shared hosting service demonstrate spammy content. 

Structured Data Misuse

Misuse of structured data or Schema markup, to misrepresent elements of your business. For example, using book review markup to show numerous positive reviews in the Google search results. 

Unnatural Backlinks

Links to your website that appear unnatural, artificial or deceptive. These could include links bought in bulk for the purpose of trying to manipulate Google into thinking your website is more authoritative than it actually is. 

Thin Web Page Content

Low quality or minimal content, adding little or no value to your website for users. This could include duplicate, auto-generated or scraped content from other sources. 

Cloaking or Redirects

Website pages are displaying different content that is shown to Google is classed as cloaking. Redirects that use the same technique to deceive users and take them to another page are also worthy of a Google Penalty. 

Hidden Text or Keyword Stuffing

Text within a web page that is deliberately hidden from users, but not search engines. For example, a paragraph could be added with the text the same colour as the background. This wouldn’t be visible to users, but Googlebot would crawl and index the content. This is often used to cram or stuff extra keywords to attempt to manipulate the ranking algorithms

Google Penalty Questions and Details

What are the Google Penalty Types?

Google penalties can occur in two main forms. A Manual Action, or an algorithmic filter. 

A Manual Action is a penalty applied manually by a Google employee. The website has been reviewed, and a decision made to add a penalty. Reviews happen for a number of reasons including users reporting a website, or being flagged by an algorithm. 

Algorithmic filters may be applied to certain websites, if they appear to display poor, low quality or spammy content. These seem to be undetectable if applied, and don’t result in a notification. The penalty is a kind of algorithmic suppression to favour better quality websites. 

Why has my website been penalised?

There’s a few reasons a website may be hit with a penalty from Google. These include:

Unnatural backlinks – If Google determine that your backlink profile or recent backlink activity is unusual. It may prompt a review. This could be due to excessive links from spammy websites, bulk additions of backlinks signalling bought links, or link exchange schemes. 

Google strongly dislike manipulation of their ranking algorithms, and recently the algorithms are able to distinguish between natural earned links and bulk bought or spammy looking links. 

Spam content – If a website appears to have been hacked, or if blatantly displaying either spam content, adverts or an otherwise disallowed content type; then a penalty may be applied. 


How do I confirm I have a penalty?

If you have verified ownership of your website on Google Search Console, you can check for a Manual Action. 

Head to your Search Console dashboard and down the left hand side you’ll see a Manual Actions tab. 

Click the tab and you’ll be told either way. If it’s clear, super!

manual actions no issues detected

If you do have a Manual Action applied to your website, you’ll see the penalty and an explanation detailing why this has happened. 

Penalties have the option to request a review, once issues have been resolved.

We can help!

If you think you’ve been hit with a Manual Action from Google, there’s a good chance the issue can be resolved. 

Depending on the problem, we can determine a course of action and fix it with our Google Penalty Recovery service. 

We’ll handle the diagnosis, fix the problem, and submit your website for review. 

Unsure whether you have a penalty? Ask us and we’ll check, free of charge. 

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Google Penalty FAQ

Take a look at our Frequently asked questions relating to Google Penalty Recovery. 

A Google penalty is where Google has restricted a website's visibility or removed it from search results. There are two known types of penalties; a Manual Action or an algorithmic penalty. Manual Actions are penalties applied by Google employees. They follow a manual review of a website. It is also thought that penalties are applied automatically by algorithms if a site promotes spam content, or content of low quantity and quality. Effectively suppressed by the algorithm. 

Avoiding a Google penalty is fairly simple. Create a website for users that contains useful, informative, relevant and quality content. Earn genuine links from reputable sources as backlinks. The main reasons for Google Penalties include spam content, excessive adverts or popups, and bought or exchanged backlinks, showing an unnatural backlink profile. 

To find whether you have a Google Penalty applied to your website, head to Google Search Console and view details for your website property. Under the 'Manual Actions' tab, you will see details of any penalties applied to your website, with a brief explanation of why. Once the issue is resolved, you'll be able to submit your website for review. 

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